Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pub. Note: 'The Harder They Come' 40th Anniversary Re-release

by James Parrish

After I tweeted Bijou Backlight editor Terry Rea's story about his work planning and executing a successful premiere screening of The Harder They Come at the Biograph Theatre some 40 years ago, lo and behold, we got "favorited" by the folks handling the 40th anniversary re-release of the film at select theaters on September 5th.

I love happy coincidences.

One of those theaters is Nashville's Belcourt Theatre, an anchor organization with the Art House Convergence, an annual gathering of this country's independent art house theaters. It's times like these when I wish the Bijou Film Center was already open -- I sure would love to have a hand in bringing the film back to Richmond ... 40 years later!

For now, this trailer and some wishful thinking will have to do.



  1. Here's the link to a good NPR report (Oct. 22, 2003) about 30th anniversary of the American release of "The Harder They Come."

  2. Mike Jones introduced me to this film in his History of the Motion Picture class about a decade ago. Still one of my favorites- probably a lot to do with the fantastic soundtrack.