Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Short Subject: 'The Film That Warped Too Much'

by F.T. Rea

Once its doors open for business, in addition to presenting lots of movies, the Bijou Film Center will start doing what it can to become a part of the overall effort to preserve old films and convert them to modern formats; the emphasis will be on Super 8 and 16mm films.

The Bijou, a little cinema with a single auditorium, will be the heart of the nonprofit Bijou Film Center, which will be established in the Richmond's burgeoning Arts District. However, the new Bijou will be more than just a movie house.

The ongoing development of film restoration technology is fascinating. New techniques are putting the magic back into fragile old footage. For a glance at how some of that is being done, click play on the Criterion Collection's YouTube video above, to watch “The Film That Warped Too Much.”

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