Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Karen Newton: 'We Need the Bijou'

James Parrish and Terry Rea hamming it up before the screening.
At Karen Newton's blog, I Could Go On and On, she writes about what a good time she had on Sunday night, in spite the somewhat daunting weather conditions. She liked the pre-screening gathering at the Portrait House, she liked the movie at The Byrd -- "Finding Vivian Maier" -- and she liked the after-party at the New York Deli, during which Chez RouĂ© played live. Here's a sample:
...No one will ever convince me that watching a movie at home with stops for bathroom breaks and food runs is anything like a genuine film experience.
Which is exactly why we need the Bijou. I don't want to just read about amazing films, I want them to have a place to play in Richmond where I can watch them with 100 or so of my closest strangers (or people I know, I won't discriminate). 

Because if 900 people come out on a blustery, nearly sub-zero work night to see a documentary about a dead nanny with a Rolleiflex, we are most definitely a film town.
We Bijou-builders, (James and Terry) like what Karen wrote in her piece -- "Picture That." So please click here to read the entire piece. Thanks, Karen.

And, we'd also like to see other reviews covering our fundraising show on a chilly, breezy Feb. 15 evening. The planning for our next show is already underway, so stay tuned.   

-- Photo by Terry Brown.

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