Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Happening Sunday Afternoon

by F.T. Rea

James Parrish and Terry Rea hamming it up at Hardywood for 
Jere Kittle's lens. (She did the film reels installation, too).
Hooray for Hardywood! indeed.

The folks at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery certainly did their part to make the Bijou Film Center's show on Sunday afternoon (May 17) a rollicking success. Hardywood's staff did a magnificent job of setting up the stage, running sound and accommodating the thirsty crowd. In particular, I have to cite Kerry Anderson for seeing to it that things went smoothly.

By the way, I stole that "Hooray for Hardywood" line from Richmond Magazine's Harry Kollatz, Jr. It was used as the title of a piece Kollatz penned last week to let his readers know about the Bijou's "Music, Movies & Magic" show. So, Harry, who attended the show, deserves some thanks, too.

After a classic Daffy Duck cartoon was screened The Red Hot Lava Men administered a healthy dose of impeccably authentic surf guitar to the assembled audience. It was well received and it was fun to feel the energy in the cavernous room percolating. 

Speaking of writers who helped to prompt attendees for the afternoon's fare, STYLE Weekly's Chris Bopst made the scene, too. Making the Bijou's variety show an Event Pick was appreciated.

For a review of the event, please read Karen Newton's blog post, "Barrels of Fun," at I Could Go On and On. It seems Karen had a pretty good time, even if she doesn't care much for beer.
Today's event at Hardywood - bands, movies, magician and raffle - is the latest fundraiser to help get the upcoming Bijou Film Center up and running so that those of us devoted to the movie theater experience will have a place to see not only films that don't make it to Richmond, but repertory film as well...
...The Happy Lucky Combo took the stage with accordionist Barry looking particularly dapper in a straw boater, a gentleman's best topper on a summer-hot day, introducing themselves to first-timers (although how that's possible, I can't imagine) with a song, "We're the Happy Lucky Combo."
Seeing a lot of longtime friends at the party was quite encouraging. I'm happy to say there were too many there for me to try to name them all. However, one name I have to mention is Chuck Wrenn. Chuck, who I've worked with on many a promotion/show, was kind enough to introduce the last band to play -- Avers.  

Avers, fresh off of its smashing success at the South By Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin, did not disappoint the crowd. When Avers began playing the audience had doubled in size. The sudden influx of Avers fans cut the audience's average age in half. A packed house took in Avers' lively set of original material. The six-piece band's tight performance went over well with all ages assembled. 

Throughout the afternoon's event, with Chaplin and Keaton on the screen between sets by the bands, the vibe in the room was uplifting. The turnout was encouraging. As much fun as it was in having had a hand in putting on the show, and observing the roomful of people enjoying the entertainment and beer, this geezer particularly enjoyed the sight of little kids taking in the cartoons and watching our house magician, John Smallie, perform.

It needs mentioning here, too, that our sponsors played an integral role in making the show possible. There were:  Candela Books + Gallery, Christopher's Runaway Gourmay, Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream, Don't Look Back, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Michael Harl, Plan 9, Portrait House, Triple Stamp Press.

Michael Harl's eye-catching poster design had people stealing them leading up to the show. Flattering? Yes. Helpful? Not so much. At the show we sold posters to attendees who wanted a souvenir.

Other than to have a good time on a Sunday afternoon, the purpose of the Music, Movies & Magic event was to publicize the fundraising drive the Bijou is kicking off to raise $15,000 to buy specific equipment that will put us in the film transfer business. Machines similar to what we'll need were demonstrated during the event by K Sean Finch of AV Geeks (out of Raleigh, NC).

We, James Parrish and me (Terry Rea), plan to start transferring old film and videos for customers in the fall of this year. News of how you can contribute to the cause will be published in a few days. Meanwhile, we'll continue to update this thank-you post with photos people send us. So, come back again to see what has been added. 

Thanks to all, especially our dutiful volunteers, who helped us in many way to put the event together and hold it together. And, last but not least, thanks to all who attended.

Another shot by Jere Kittle.


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