Friday, November 20, 2015

Cooking Up the Hamburgers

By F.T. Rea 

Maybe you saw one or more of the Bijou's Hamburgers while they were installed at various locations around town. The photo above of what we came to call a "Hamburger" was taken with my iPad on Oct. 8, 2015. It was shot in the basement of Anchor Studios' space at 1 E. Broad St. That's where a crew of artists combined to create it and the 11 others in the series. The Hamburger Crew's roster included Shane Brown, Michael Harl, James Parrish, Ed Trask, Chuck Wrenn and me -- the art director.

The Hamburgers that were subsequently put on public display in mid- to late-October were made using a stencil that was furnished by Big Secret. The images were made with spray-paint. Each one-eighth-inch panel measured approximately 4' by 2.66'.

One of the first Hamburgers to go on display was at Balliceaux.
In simple terms the Hamburger concept was the centerpiece of a teaser campaign to promote the Bijou Presents event that put Rick Alverson's new film, "Entertainment," on the big screen at The Byrd on Nov. 8. The pre-premiere's after-party was staged at the New York Deli, where Neil Hamburger headlined a live comedy showcase hosted by Herschel Stratego.

A thirsty Hamburger at Hardywood. 
Smaller versions of the Hamburger image (without the date at the top) were made using another stencil. They appeared in various locations around town, as well. The one seen below is posing for its picture in a Dixie Donuts display case.

How the Hamburgers came to be cooked up and served makes for a good story that will be posted soon. So what you've just consumed is yet another teaser. Stay tuned...

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