Friday, April 15, 2016

Lone Hamburger

Hardywood's Kerry Anderson and Becky Morrison
standing beneath the last of The Bijou's
Hamburgers on display.
When you arrive at The Bijou's Leap of Faith party at Hardywood on Saturday (5 p.m. to 9 p.m.) you may notice the Hamburger hanging on the outside front wall. "Hamburger" is the name we put on the object seen looming over Kerry and Becky in the photo to the left.

That Hamburger is the last of them still installed and on display. The other panels in the series of 12 were on view at various sites around town in early November. They were created to help promote the premiere of Rick Alverson's feature-length film, "Entertainment" (2015) at The Byrd. The screening and after-party were Bijou Presents events.

Each of the dozen wooden panels was cut to 2.67' by 4', as pictured. The spray-painted image used was fashioned after a still from the film. It depicts Greg Turkington, as Neil Hamburger, playing The Comedian, in Alverson's darkly entertaining movie that seems likely to eventually become known as a cult film. Yes, I'm talking about a man, playing a character, who then plays a role in a film.

After the screening all the Hamburgers came down. With some it took longer than others, but the one we put up at Hardywood remains. They seem to like it. And, we like seeing them like it.

To see other Hamburgers that were on display in other places, click here. Some of you will probably recognize the sites. But why Hamburgers? Why any of it, already?

For what answers to those burning questions, to learn more about why and how the Hamburgers were made -- and by whom -- click here. 

To look at The Bijou's Facebook event page for the Leap of Faith party, tomorrow (April 16th), at Hardywood, click here.

-- Photo by James Parrish

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