Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Press release for the IX Druid Underground Film Festival.

Date: Oct. 18, 2016
To: All media for immediate release
Re: The IX Druid Underground Film Festival
From: The Bijou Film Center

On Thur., Oct. 27, in its screening room at 304 E. Broad St., the Bijou Film Center will present The IX Druid Underground Film Festival.

Admission: $10. No advance tickets.
Show times: 7:30 p.m.

From Druid Film Festival host Billy Burgess:
The widest touring underground film festival in the US, the 9th annual Druid Underground is a high-powered two-part blast of subversive cinema hosted by Billy Burgess that Flavorpill says doesn’t so much "defy convention as mow it down, douse it in kerosene, and flick a Zippo at it!"

Part One of the program is a hardcore, one-hour mega-mash up hell-ride of absurd footage from VHS tapes of homemade music videos, meth-fueled biker rallies, twisted political propaganda, horrifying party videos and much much more! Get yourself a piece as American redneck culture is sliced open for all to see like a giant, horrifying cake.

Part Two is a break-neck barrage of 18 new rowdy short films celebrating the best in absurd, creative and ecstatic cinema both on and off today's underground film radar. A spectacle unlike any other, Druid Underground champions subversive techniques that advance the language of cinema, challenge preconceived notions of underground art and simultaneously blow your mind out of your skull. Animation, experimental, performance art and MORE!!!
Festival shirts/pins/DVDs available at the merch table!

Beer, wine and soft drinks will be for sale for all of these screenings. 

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